Rainbow Ice Lollies

This image and recipe are courtesy of Tesco.com


These colourful ice lollies are the perfect fruity treat for a hot day, and you can learn how to make them in just 5 easy steps. Made with only fresh fruit and no faffing about freezing different mixtures, these healthy lollies are just right for the kids, too. 


1 medium banana
180g strawberries, hulled and roughly chopped
150g fresh mango chunks
180g blueberries


1. Make the strawberry layer

Add ½ a banana, sliced, and 180g strawberries, hulled and roughly chopped, to a blender or food processor then blitz until completely smooth. Divide the mixture between 8 lolly moulds (about 60ml each) so that each mould is about a third full.

2. Make the mango layer

Rinse out the blender or processor then add the remaining ½ banana and 150g mango, peeled and chopped (or prepared fresh mango chunks). Blitz until smooth. Carefully spoon or gently pour a layer of the mango purée into the moulds so that it sits on top of the strawberry layer, taking care not to mix the layers.

3. Make the blueberry layer

Rinse the blender or processor again and add 180g blueberries. Blitz until smooth then carefully add to the moulds on top of the mango layer.

4. Freeze

Add the lolly sticks to the moulds then freeze for at least 8 hrs, or overnight, until solid. Once frozen, the lollies will keep for up to 1 month.

5. Unmould and serve


To serve, run the outside of the moulds under warm water to release the lollies.


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