Women in Enterprise: Samantha Hemphill

This month we talked to Ashford Mumpreneur, Samantha Hemphill, who runs Present2Past Genealogy, a company based in Ashford offering research services designed to unlock the secrets of your past, and reveal what makes ‘you’, you.

I am an experienced family historian, providing genealogical services to fit a range of budgets. I initially started offering research services in 2013, but it’s only since moving to Ashford in 2016 that I decided to establish the business formally.

1. What made you start up as a Mumpreneur?

Since the birth of my son in 2016, I have found it incredibly hard to find work that doesn’t result in my wages being wiped out by nursery fees. I currently work my ‘day job’ two days a week, but can fit my business hours in alongside caring for my son. What can be better than working and watching your child grow at the same time!

2. What have you most enjoyed about being a Mumpreneur so far?

I love that my hobby is now my job, and I can help enlighten others to their ancestral origins: ‘Who Do You Think You Are?’, but for real people, and not just celebrities.

3. What is the main challenge you’ve faced as a Mumpreneur?

Time is a big factor in genealogy. It’s not as straightforward as the BBC makes it look, and sometimes it can take days to find a record you are searching for. Equally, I frequently have to order a birth, marriage, or death certificate to prove or disprove a link in the family tree, which can each take up to a week to arrive

4. What, if anything, would you have done differently?

If given my time again, I’d have done two things differently. First, I would have started the business officially in 2013, and secondly I would tell my 18 year old self to study genealogy at university. I’d already had three years of research on my own family tree under my belt by then, and who knows where it could taken me.

5. What key piece of advice would you give to anyone thinking of taking the plunge?

Just do it! It’s better to have tried than to never know. Seek advice and start small, so you can grow with your business too.

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