10 Tips on Hosting the Perfect Children’s Party

Lynne from Jump ‘n’ Jive has attended so many parties during the course of her career as an events and party specialist, she is the perfect person to tell us how to plan the perfect party, and here are her 10 top tips: Find a suitable venue.  Remember to take into consideration the ceiling height if you are thinking of hiring a bouncy castle, as well as the general size of the venue. Decide whether…

20 things every new Mum should know about 0 – 6 months

20 things every new Mum should know about 0 – 6 months First night. Scary stuff.  You’ll get through it 🙂 Practice is everything. New becomes run of the mill very quickly. First cry – it is devastating and beautiful all at the same time. Sleeplessness is a state of mind. Somehow you just cope. Words and phrases previously unused like ‘dream feed’, ‘nursing’ and ‘latch’ become commonplace. Obsession with poop – it happens to…

7 Reasons to Sign with Your Baby

Baby signing has many benefits for both baby and parent, and Juliete Harpur of Sing and Sign outlines below 7 key reasons to sign with your baby: 1. Signing helps you understand your baby’s needs, thoughts and ideas; 2. Signing can reduce frustration of the baby and the parent; 3. Signing enhances early vocabulary and understanding; 4. Signing encourages the development of speech; 5. Signing enriches relationships through being able to communicate before speech; 6….

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